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The entire Funnel Cake company is for sale!

I started this as a fun part time hobby, but it soon escalated into something I cannot operate due to time.

What’s offered:

  • The Funnel Cake mix recipe we make which took years to get right
  • Numerous Funnel Cake related domain names
  • List of clients we supplied both wholesale and retail
  • List of events and festivals you can easily get into
  • Ongoing help


Either make an offer for everything

If you have the right situation I am maybe happy to part fund someone to work the business, but they will have to show commitment and money.

tweety's Funnel Cake MixThe Funnel Cake Company is the Main Agent Distributor for Tweety's the worlds favourite Funnel Cake Mix.

The Funnel Cake Mix we produce sell online and supply wholesale, is the same product we retail at events, and has been developed over time, in fact years, with the help of bakers, scientists, appreciative testers, and the Mad Hatter and creator Mario Costabuck.

We claim to offer the ultimate Funnel Cake Mix! Based on the flavours of the county fairs, the expectations of the amusement parks, not being greasy, being fluffy and tasting like the memory cells are screaming of memories of past Funnel Cakes.

Once we found the ulimate Funnel Cake Mix, using the very best ingredients and raw materials, we had what we wanted and what our customers wanted, the World's Best Funnel Cake Mix.

Our Goal

Our goal is not to just sell a bag of Funnel Cake Mix, but to introduce to you a very profitable product, that will actually generate customers, once people know you sell Funnel cakes they will travel, this includes Americans and people how have been to America, and they will bring friends.

Profitability Example

Cooking is easy, simple:

·         Simple mix with water and leave in the fridge at least 30 minutes before use.

·         Use a jug to pour

·         Sprinkle with Icing sugar or a whole host of topping according to your liking


1 x 12KG = 144 8in Funnel Cakes charged at £3.50 each = £504.00 profit (Your Cost £48.39)*

2 x 12KG = 288 8in Funnel Cakes charged at £3.50 each = £1008.00 profit (Your Cost £96.78)* 

3 x 12KG = 432 8in Funnel Cakes charged at £3.50 each = £1512.00 profit (Your Cost £141.33)* 

5 x 12KG = 720 8in Funnel Cakes charged at £3.50 each = £2520.00 profit (Your Cost £225.00)*.

Our mix was recently commented on by Mary Jean Lewis (Jerry Lee’s niece) as the best Funnel cake she has ever tasted outside America, which was a seriously nice accolade for us.

Don't take our word for it, our goal is not to sell you a bag of Funnel Cake Mix, our goal is to show you how profitable and good our product is in generating repeat orders. 

  • We Expect Comparison!
  • We expect you to test our claim!
  • We suspect you will believe!

We supply our mix to US airbases world wide and are always on the lookout for new Distributors.

We are able to supply our funnel cake mix not just in the United Kingdom and the United States, but throughout the world, through a number of distributors, so whether your are in Arizona or Berlin, London or Korea, the Dubia or Dublin, we can supply you the worlds most favourite funnel cak emix.

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