Funnel Cakes

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We offer various toppings from, Sweet Toppings, Liqueur Toppings, Deep fried Treats, Savoury and our very own Spicy Vegi Mexican Chilli

Funnel Cakes can be served - In Different Sizes

  • Original Size 8in! Original American size
  • European Size 6in!, European and Restaurant size
  • Party Bite Size 2in! Party platter size

Whilst Funnel Cakes taste great we regularly spend time creating wild flavoured new toppings, with a desire to find nice treats that include a small taste explosion.

For insight into our most requested toppings and a further list of toppings we use, please contact us to request this. 

Sweet Toppings

•    Freshly Squeezed Lemon & Demerara Sugar
•    Drizzled with Real Maple syrup
•    Hot slow dripped Belgian Chocolate Sauce
•    slow dripped Muscovado Toffee Sauce
•    Hot Strawberry Topping
•    Hot Black Cherry Topping
•    Hot Red Cherry Topping
•    Hot Bramley Apple and Cinnamon
•    Chocolate Sauce & Sliced Banana
•    Butterscotch    

•    Hot orange chocolate lightly drizzled around the Funnel Cake sprinkled with crunchy orange bits and finished with orange brandy
•    Grand Marnier with real Maple Syrup and Fresh Cream
•    Drambuie
•    Cointreau and fresh cream
•    Rum and Chocolate flakes
Extra Treat Toppings
Maple syrup
Deep Fried Treats
•    Melted Mozzarella cheese and Mixed Olives
•    Feta Cheese and Mixed Olives
•    Apple Cheddar
•    Cheese and Onion
•    Cheese and Mushroom
•    Spicy Vegetarian Mexican chilli
Cheese & Spinach
Cheese & Peanut Butter
Cheese & Mushroom
 Hot chocolate fudge sauce & Banana

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