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Tweety's Funnel Cake MixTweety's Original American Funnel Cake Mix, has developed over time, in fact years, with the help of bakers, scientists, appreciative testers, and the Mad Hatter and creator Mario Costabuck.

Based on the flavours of the county fairs, the expectations of the amusement parks, not being greasy, being fluffy and tasting like the memory cells are screaming of memories of past Funnel Cakes. 

Once we found the ultimate Funnel Cake Mix, using the very best ingredients and raw materials, we had what we wanted and what our customers wanted, the World's Best Funnel Cake Mix. 

We use our own products at events and festivals, we don't just sell Funnel cake Mix, we know Funnel Cakes

  Mario Says

In the past 5 years, times have changed, as has processes, so we decided 3 years ago to revisit everything about our Funnel Cake Mix and see if there was a slight possibility that we had only extracted 99.999999% of the flavour we could get, using newer processes, this was started 3 years ago and today we can announce, there is nothing to change except our lower prices, due to larger volumes (passing discounts on) and newer milling processes.

Tweety's Original American Funnel Cake mix is developed for that real flavour your customers would expect.

newsNew for this season, Funnel cake Mix Dry (Caterering only) we have developed a way to make funnel cakes without the need of a fryer, this opens up markets in places not previously possible, like coffee shops (having a funnel cake with coffee is good) and location where fryers are a problem.

Funnel Cake Dry is only available to caterers at this time, to find our more please click here

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