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The Worlds Favourite Funnel cakes:

tweety175Funnel cake is an easy to sell product, either people want to try them, have tried them in America or are curious enough to try! Once they taste our Funnel Cakes we have a regular customer, this is true for both our retail clients and clients we supply Funnel cake Mix to.

The Funnel Cake Mix we sell and use, has developed over time, in fact years, with the help of bakers, scientists, appreciative testers, and the Mad Hatter and creator Mario Costabuck.

Once we found the ultimate Funnel Cake Mix, using the very best ingredients and raw materials, we had what we wanted and what our customers wanted, the World's Best Funnel Cake Mix.

Don't believe our claims to offer the worlds favourite funnel cake mix!

  • We expect Comparison!
  • We expect you to test our claim!
  • We suspect you will believe!

Based on the flavours of the county fairs, the expectations of the amusement parks, not being greasy, being fluffy and tasting like the memory cells are screaming of memories of past Funnel Cakes.

Adding Funnel cakes to your menu!

To add Funnel cakes to your menu is very easy and inexpensive, the easiest way is to make Funnel cakes in a simple wok, whilst at high volume locations we use several industrial fryers turning our hundreds of Funnel cakes a day, we can support you in your business regardless of the style of set up you need.

Bakers Funnel cake Mix:

Bakers Funnel cakes are designed to be made without a fryer, and make a great treat with Coffee in the mornings or as a full blown dessert at any restaurant, aimed at adult and kids, offering great profit and client satisfaction.

Coffee shops can provide customers with Breakfast sticks on a stick or in a bag.

Restaurants can decorate Funnel Cake sticks in a number of fun ways for children. 

Profitability of Funnel Cake:


1 x 12KG = 144 8in Funnel Cakes charged at £3.50 each = £504.00 profit (Your Cost £48.39)*

2 x 12KG = 288 8in Funnel Cakes charged at £3.50 each = £1008.00 profit (Your Cost £96.78)*

3 x 12KG = 432 8in Funnel Cakes charged at £3.50 each = £1512.00 profit (Your Cost £141.33)*

5 x 12KG = 720 8in Funnel Cakes charged at £3.50 each = £2520.00 profit (Your Cost £225.00)*

*The estimates above are based on being at an event and ongoing queues, slight adjustments should be made when in restaurants or less busy locations and you can increase this estimate by at least 25% if you use a 6in ring, which is preferred in some locations.


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